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Last News

    • DECEMBER 2013

    First deliveries of MonCVone units

    Metrovision has made the first deliveries of the full field projection perimeter MonCvONE.
    The development of this highly innovative product was supported by a grant from BPIFrance-Innovation.

    • DECEMBER 2013

    China second market for Metrovision

    China has become the second market for Metrovision’s products with 17 installations sold over the year 2013.
    Metrovision was present at the COOC meeting in XIAMEN and ISCEV meeting in CHONGQING.


    • SEPTEMBER 2013

    Metrovision’s glare test

    Metrovision’s glare test was involved in several studies presented during the ESCRS meeting in Amsterdam.
    Furthermore, normative data have just been published in the Journal of Refractive Surgery (vol 29, 9, 2013) by PUELL et al from the University of Madrid

    • JULY 2013

    Metrovision’s Motion perimetry

    An article published in Brain and Cognition (83, 013, 72-79) by DUARTE et al from Coimbra University Hospital demonstrates that motion perimetry is selectively affected by an alteration of the magnocellular pathway.
    Metrovision’s motion perimetry and FDT perimetry tests both detected alterations whereas standard perimetry was normal.

    • NOVEMBER 2013

    Metrovision’s first sales in Russia

    Metrovision has made its first sales in Russia with a complete visual electrophysiology equipment at the famous Helmholtz Institute in Moscow